To Art & Profit featured on Sixty Inches From the Center!

“The term ‘starving artist’ makes most of us in the creative field cringe–and with good reason. Why should the shapers of our culture starve when they are the ones creating our legacy? When the topic of money comes up, why should it be an uncomfortable one? And, finally, why do we have the tendency to undervalue ourselves as artists, art scholars and art administrators, etc.–or allow others to?

These are some of the questions that the programming around the spring performance festival To Art + Profit: Creative Labor, Collective Action and Conscientious Capitalism at Links Hall will address. The brainchild of artists Meida McNeal and Abra Johnson, To Art + Profit invites the public to voice their thoughts and answers to these questions through conversation with people in our city who may have some insights to our money issues.” READ MORE…


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