Get ready for the next installment of To Art & Profit!

APRIL 15-17

Quit Bullshittin’: Recognizing Division & Building Solidarity in the Arts

Collaborating Artists: In The Spirit, Siete Lunas Nuevas, Avery R. Young, Boogie McClarin, Nikki Patin, Crystle Dino, Nicole Noland & Fathom DJ


Friday April 15 & Saturday April 16 

8PM at Links Hall, 3435 N.Sheffield

Sunday April 17

FREE Community Spectacle with Collaborating Artists @ 4pm

& Panel Discussion 5:30pm with Eric Williams (Silver Room), Jess Kaswiner (Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship), Alice Kim (IHC/The Public Square), Meg Duguid (Cultural Grants/Department of Cultural Affairs) & Ed Onaci (The People’s Collective)

At the Maekeen Room

2147 S. Lumber Street, Suite 405

River Front Lofts, Pilsen


Come As You Are: Re-Imagining Art with a Conscienc

Collaborating Artists:

Silvita Diaz Brown, Nicole Garneau & Lani Montreal

Nicole LeGette

The Ladies Ring Shout, Ayako Kato & David Boykin



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