The Festival

To Art & Profit

Creative Labor, Collective Action and Conscientious Capitalism

Curated by Links Hall Artistic Associates Abra Johnson & Meida McNeal

Funded in part by:


Spread over three weekends from March through May 2011, To Art & Profit is an interdisciplinary performance series augmented with arts-focused dialogues and Carnival-inspired street theatre spectacle throughout the city of Chicago.

The festival pairs Chicago-based artists across discipline and genre, asking them to create performances around select themes and questions:

What is the value of creative labor?

How can we practice a more conscientious capitalism, one that allows art makers to make a living while still nourishing the human spirit?

How can we democratize art production, widening the scope of creative voices and expressions brought to public spaces and stages?

Each performance weekend will be linked to different Chicago neighborhoods (Pilsen, Logan Square, Bronzeville).

To Art and Profit aims to connect and engage different neighborhoods around Chicago around the value of art and artists to their immediate and global community.

Finding various ways to invite community participation, this series explores how art can be profitable, accountable and accessible. In addition to the Links performances, there will be street theater spectacles and public discussions on the following themes:

March 18-20: What Is It Good For? Defining Art’s Purpose Now
April 15-17: Quit Bullshittin’: Recognizing Division and Building Solidarity
in the Arts

May 20-22: Come As You Are: Re-Imagining Art with a Conscience

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