The Works

Come As You Are: Re-Imagining Art with a Conscience

May 20-21 @ Links Hall 8pm

Join us May 22 @ Southside Community Art Center for a community workshop & panel! 2pm


Collaborating Artists: David Boykin, Ayako Kato and the women of The Ladies Ring Shout: Felicia Holman, Abra Johnson & Meida McNeal
29 is a textual, musical and movement meditation about the uncertainty of one’s labor and its value within the world in this moment. 29 explores how we manage and maintain with persistence while wading through a maze of obligations, desires and accomplishments. How do we blossom – not just survive – on the grid of our daily systems?

Hard Work Mask/Mascara

Collaborating Artists: Sivita Diaz Brown, Nicole Garneau, Lani Montreal

Three artists reflect upon the ways in which they may or may not perpetuate the same oppressive structures they purport to break down/interrogate with their art. They met at bourgeoise cafes and performance galleries and politely talked, stretched, moved, and wrote about their perceived integrity and how it informs their art-making. Expect to be jarred.

Nicole LeGette – TBA

Cositas (2011)
Choreography: Joel Valentín-Martínez
Dancer: Liz Zastrow
Costume Design: Jeffrey Hancock
Lighting Design: Margaret Nelson
Music: ”Viva Tirado, Part 1” by El Chicano and “C/S” by Con Safos
Choreographer’s Note:
This piece, performed by Ms. Zastrow, is a composition that has been inspired primarily by the music, which is infused with social and political commentary. It also honors Chicano history and comments on Hollywood’s ongoing lack of inclusion of Mexican-Americans on the silver screen. “Cositas” simply means “little things.” These are the little things that bother me as I watch live broadcasts of the Los Angeles red carpet ceremonies every year.

Past Festival Weekends:

Quit Bullshittin’: Recognizing Division And Building Solidarity in the Arts

April 15-17 @ Links Hall

What We Know Is Not For Sale

Featuring the rhythms and word plays of Siete and Performance Duo: In the Spirit (Emily Hooper Lansana and Glenda Zahra Baker). A spirit journey that explores the questions of how we discover our artistic truths. Our artistic voices are ancient and sacred and when we listen to what we know -we emerge powerfully. In the face of challenge, we have learned that we must not deviate from what we know.


Collaborating Artists: Avery R. Young, Boogie McClarin, Nikki Patin, Crystle Dino & Fathom DJ
we will live these moments only once and resisting resistance, trying not to get used while being thoroughly worn out by circumstance. we’re here because we have to be. quit bullshittin’.


What Is It Good For? Defining Art’s Purpose Now

March 18-19 @ Links Hall

“dancing the balancing act of survival: a complicated chorus of schedules, writing, & stuff…”

Join award-winning writers and performers C.C. Carter, Keli Stewart, and Sage Morgan-Hubbard as they explore the themes of class, motherhood, daily life schedules, artistic desires and future possibilities in this interactive, engaging, multimedia piece.

Utopic Monster Theory

A polydesirious bricolage of text-movement exploring 21st century cultural work.  Performed by J’Sun Howard and Jennifer Karmin with insight from Coya Paz.


Spark is an interdisciplinary performance that engages and activates the body, and incorporates afro-atlantic rhythms.  The original soundscore will undergo a live transformation and cultivation through human interaction.  Energy and movement will be offered through a collaboration of live percussion, butoh inspired ritual and Afro-Cuban music. Featuring collaborators Cristal Sabbagh and Roger Noel.


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